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Sunday, 20 May 2007

A Day Out

Yesterday I went out with my aunt to Chelmsford City in the morning. We arrived Chelmsford around 11a.m. The traffic was unusually bad there but we made it to the car park by avoiding bad traffic. Coming down from the car park, it is the Chelmsford Market, then we walk through the High Chelmer Shopping Centre. Shops here are different from shops up-north. No Greggs here though, and other shops are in big size, not like Sunderland, all in small sizes.

We then saw a performance by Essex Dance Theatre in front of HSBC Bank on city centre. I didn't manage to catch a video of the previous 2 dances, just some photos, then the final one I took it. So the following is the the photo of previous dance and the following is the final dance video which I took which I think it's quite nice. Enjoy.

How's it? Not bad eh. See any pretty girls inside?

After that we walked and saw a man with 5 huge dogs! It's so big and pretty... He must be bankrupt for keeping them healthy and strong...

Anyway, after that we just walked and went into another shopping complex named Meadows Shopping and get back to High Chelmer Shopping Centre.

We get Thorntons ice cream... mine is a Medium cone Blueberry sorbet with chocolate flavour ice-cream. The sorbet taste sour and the chocolate flavour taste creamy and nice. One more thing, I don't recommend them to be eaten together as its gonna taste strange by having something sour with chocolate...

We went back after that, but before that, we stop by at the Hanningfield Reservoir which is near to my aunt's place. It's a very nice place to go.

We see ducks, geese and ducklings as well!! so cute though... and an old man brought us to see 2 ducks which are still hatching their eggs, under the plants...

Isn't it cute...

Anyway, that's my day out yesterday. Played ball with my cousin after coming back though.

End of my post. More to come soon.

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