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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Back to Sunderland

In just a blink, I'm back here in Room 199 again. This morning I was still in Chelmsford, going to Wickford town to have a walk and buy my slippers.
After I went back at around noon, I fried some rice myself, accompany with some canned wanton soup, that's my lunch today. Then off I go to London Stansted Airport at around 2.30p.m. Arriving around 3.05p.m. so I just checked in straightly, then walk straight into the waiting lounge, took this photo in the toilet as I feel the words on the mirror are quite special. I'm not cam-whoring yea! Just taking photos of the words!
There's my plane coming at around 4.15p.m. Boarding at around 4.30p.m. but the flight delayed due to some congestion reasons, so the plane took off around 5p.m. rather than 4.40p.m.
Manage to get back in time to have my dinner with the rest of the guys. Saw her, she still look so charming though. Dinner is nice but I just feel too tired to say anything.

So, what have I done for the past whole week? I updated already in the previous few posts. See for yourself then. This following video is me on drums playing Dirty Little Secret which I promised that I'll post it here. The second half part of the video is a bit off sync, maybe due to the conversion of the videos when I edit it. Lazy to correct the timing so, just the original one. Just a sharing of my hobby, although it's not that great afterall. I know I look dead in the video, I know I look like a zombie in the video. Well, it's just me.


Anonymous said...


Jeremy Tay said...

o? you got a set of drums? who's playing?

Angel Valerie said...

that was how i got attracted to jeremy like... 5 years ago?

he was playing drum during the religious hour and i was so shocked to see him and was thinking, "u're kidding me, right?"

indeed... u rock, man, you rock!

Jeremy Tay said...

attracted??? thanks a... hahahahahah.... there are still so many others who can play better than me for many many times le... hehe....

Angel Valerie said...

but then... haha... attracted because among my list of friends, u are the first friend i knew that played drums.

u rock!


thanks for always being there for me and u're a great buddy!

Sabrina said...

Walao.. you look handsome...haha.. should smile more a bit sure can "kill" ppl already. Lol

Jeremy Tay said...

hahahaha... can kill ppl a? wa... first time got ppl say like tat.. haha... thanx btw...

clement said...

pan jio also take pics.. ha ha