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Friday, 4 May 2007


Recently, I had been thinking about myself. Do I piss off anyone beside me? Do i keep joking about anyone's weakness in anything? like appearance, behaviour or anything else? I'm trying not to do this anymore. If I really did it unintentionally, I'm very sorry about it. I was thinking of how people beside me judge me. Maybe you can say don't take others' judgments and be yourself, but ones saying will affect another's confidence, maybe in some ways, or even directly. Those who keep joke about other's appearance and behaviour, have they think of how good are their own appearance and behaviour? For me, I thought of myself. That's why I start to not judge and joke about others' weaknesses and shorts, especially in front of many people. Maybe we can think that telling them is for their own good, yes I agree, but have to be in a right way. Nobody likes to be pin-pointed on their weaknesses in front of others even though it's the truth.

The feeling of being "stabbed" by others in front of others about their weaknesses is not nice. Maybe some can take it like a joke but some might not.

Think about it, how many times have you hurt someone's feelings beside you on their behaviour, appearance or anything else? I'm reflecting myself as well....


Anonymous said...

exam dun hav this qs, so u dun need the answer now..sTUDY!

AC said...

Life still goes on!

Regardless of the past.
Regardless of such thoughts.
Regardless of such actions.

What is more important this current minute to you?
Exams might fit as an answer.

So ignore it and look ahead.

Jeremy Tay said...

hey people... just a thought... after study ma.. tzk tzk tzk.. don be so mean la... u ppl oso so free commenting here? aiks... exam le.. study la...

76rnc said...

Hey jeremy, i read ur post and thanks. I do reflect bout my mistakes often alone in a room. Sadly, it's kinda late adi. But thanks for bringing it up.

Jeremy Tay said...

ahaha.. no problem.. good luck to u.