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Friday, 25 May 2007

Trip to Workington

So I had mentioned in the earlier post that I'll be going to Workington today. Here are the updates with some photos of it. Had a fun day with the 2 girls all the way till coming back.

Since this morning, we missed the Metro which we actually planned to hop on, that's the first miss which made us run like Speedy-Gonzales when reaching Newcastle Central Station as we might not get on the train to Carlisle on time. Alison nearly hop on the wrong train when we get there. What the heck, if it wasn't me going with them, the 2 girls will have to wait for 1 more hour as that train is going to Carlisle as well but leaving an hour late!! The platform seems so far away at that moment... 9.24a.m. the train left Newcastle and arrive Carlisle at around 10.45a.m.
As we have to wait for an hour there, we decide to go out the station to take a look around the area and we ended up eating at one of the Weatherspoon outlet. Me and Cathy had breakfast while Alison only eat Cathy's mushroom as she's on diet.
After eating we went back to the station then board on the train, we are off at 11.44a.m., to Maryport, where Alison might be staying during her summer placement at Workington. It's a real small and peaceful area with few people and cars running around. People around that area are quite friendly as well (at least we met friendly people). Her room is nice and the bathroom and kitchen were all nice.

So the picture above is Maryport train station, looks deserted but peaceful. At 1.18p.m. we left for Workington, to where Alison will be on placement.
The first thing I felt when I came out from the station is, the station looks so old.. and it is another quiet town. We walk straight down town after taking this photo. There's Oxford Street in Workington as well!! All the high street shops are there. While Alison was in Boots, where her placement will take place, me and Cathy went out for a walk around the shopping area again. The area looks newer, more tidy, cleaner and nicer than Sunderland. We found this clock which is the interesting part at that area.
Click to enlarge the picture as I had written the descriptions there. The numbers of the clock is on the ground and the arm will move up and down. Other than that, some of the shops there are not to be found in Sunderland, and some even cannot be found in Newcastle but only down south like London, Chelmsford, etc. We went to Thorntons to buy ice-cream again when Cathy say she wanted one.. haha.. So I bought her an ice-cream and she ate like a kid... :P
After looking around with Alison looking if there are any other places to live, we walked back to the station and went back to Carlisle. All of us were tired, Alison especially. Arriving Carlisle, Alison was complaining that she's cold, as she didn't bring her jacket along (we told her to do so), and tired, she went inside the waiting room to wait for our train back to Newcastle while Cathy decided again that we went out for a walk to look at the remaining places nearby the station where we haven't seen earlier on. It's quite a nice place to walk, and not noisy.
Took three times of this photo as I was planning to get the Australian Bar word which was on top of my head inside, but I failed.. sigh~~ This is the final attempt, which is the nicest one to show, so... it's here.. haha... The entrance is quite nice with the Australian island shape neon light on top of the entrance...

We came back to Newcastle by 6.18p.m. train. Again!! Rush for the Metro!!! Luckily we were able to get on time (runing like Speedy Gonzales again) or we'll have to wait half more hour to get the next one.

As a conclusion, Cumbria is a peaceful and quiet place and Cumbrians are quite friendly. Even though we're foreigners, quite a number of them smile at us. Not regret of following Alison and Cathy on this trip even though the visiting period is short.

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