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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

多多 Too Much

Yesterday I was chatting with someone, then suddenly we chat about that someone, whom I chat with. Of course, we chat in mandarin...

we conclude that, that someone (has).....

想多多 Think Too Much
怪癖多多 Too much Strange Habits
睡觉多多 Sleep Too Much
眼泪多多 Too Much Tears
吃饭多多 Eat Too Much Rice
控诉多多 Too Much (Many) Complaints
表情多多 Too Much (Many) Expressions
看片多多 Too Much (Many) Series

Well, who is that? I guess its not that hard to guess at all... anything to add into the list of too much?

Edit: Maybe... 笑容多多? kekekeke.....


Sabrina said...

Stress banyak banyak! Hehehe.... :p
Hey, linked you to my blog already if you don't mind.

Chloe Chong said...

no need to conclude also we know who.. you re too obvious.

Jeremy Tay said...

Hello Sabrina. Yea sure you can link it. No problem.

Haha.. of cos la.. everyone know who is it...

Anonymous said...

many many fan2nao3
many mnay grass
many many admirer(haha)
many many sayang
many many hair

Jeremy Tay said...

haha.. abubu... u finally drop comments a... waiting for ur comments le...