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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Second day in Chelmsford

Well it's another day past. woke up at 8 in the morning and my day started by wishing Cathy good luck in her exam. then 2 pieces of toast with apricot jam and a cup of tea. Weather seems ok in the morning but after a while the rain clouds comes in then it started raining until evening... can't even go out to enjoy the fresh air outside... so I stayed indoor for whole day, playing drums and try my uncle's Harman Kardon 2.1 speakers... great treble from the tweeter, sound doesn't crack at high volume. Fried spaghetti for granny and myself for lunch. Watched TV with granny after that, then thinking of nap but ending up reading stories in forum. Then it's dinner already; 4 pieces of turkey breasts, stir fry bean sprouts, 2 big baked mushrooms, and as usual, diet lemonade. nothing fat in the food, just not enough fiber. LOL~~

Speaking about drums, I realised that I really lose my skills though. Can't catch up anymore on speed and accuracy, and all the skills that I had learn before.. sad. have to practice everyday whenever I got chance now. Hope I can at least finish play a song successfully before I go back to Sunderland.

And one more thing. I missed a girl out there... sigh~~ since when I started missing her... Gee~~ So I announce here that I missed a girl. Nic was asking, Alvin was asking, so who is that girl?

Well, it will still be remain a mystery until I feel like telling.

There goes my day. now 10pm. with football on Sky Sports, and uncle & aunty planning for holiday again. sigh~~ so nice can go for holiday again. It's gonna be my life someday in the future... good luck to myself... hahaha...

end of post.

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