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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Trip to York - Part 2

Well, this is the second part of my trip to York.

After we went to York Minster, we had our lunch at a church next to it and head off to town, walking down the streets to get to the Jorvik Viking Centre. It is a tourist area so it's pack full of people walking around.
It's so old but the view is nice... As we walk down we saw a shop selling weapons, so we stop by and have fun in it.

Look at that.. all people attack me but I manage to defeat them with only one sword in my hand.. How good am I...

After that we went to the Viking Centre, but didn't manage to take much photos inside as I was too busy looking at the 'sceneries' inside. You'll be sitting on a time machine to go back to Viking age... you can see what there are doing... you can smell their toilets... you can smeel their life... you can see them 'bang sai' as well.. you can also see their houses and tools and activities.. town.. etc.. it's very very nice. then after that we came back to the future, we had fun putting on viking costumes, but as we have a lot of things carried with us, we didn't put on too many... just the guy there who wears the battle suit... and he scared Jeffery as he suddenly move when Jeffery stand in front of him... Jeff thought he was a fake doll.

After all this photos, we manage to get our names written in runes, viking alphabets. Then after that we stop by at a small shack there looking at a lady producing viking coins.. of course its fake as a souvenir and its made by pewter. I get a few so can give out to people whom I feel special to be given, and one is to be kept by myself.

After coming out from there, we walk down to Shambles, an old street where butchers used to do business. Many hooks are still in front of many shops making it unique. The shops there are not built in a row. It's built one by one so it's not in a straight row. Of course, there are no more butchers there as it's a tourist spot, so they sell expensive items there.

After visiting Shambles, we walk back to the bus and that's the end of York trip... It's a nice place to visit and I'll be there again in the future if I got chance.

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