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I'm officially broke..

Monday, 12 March 2007

Still got lots of time?

Yesterday morning I went to church as usual, but only with my blockmate Deborah. It's a quite meaningful meeting as we sang an african hymn song and we had a guest speaker coming. After church when going back, I chat with Deborah (Debby).

We chatted about trip to Amsterdam which will be happening next month. I told Debby that I don't have enough money so I won't be going as I'm depending on my family for financial support and I don't wanna waste parents' money to go for holiday. Then Debby told me that if it's her, she won't have any problems like that as her dad told her that if she wanna go visit anywhere, just go before it's too late, before she finish study... thoughtful. I tell Debby that I 10,000,000% agree what her dad told her, and told her that my parents are thinking the opposite way that I'll still have tonnes of time to go for holiday after I finish study and start work.

Debby's dad said that, a person with role as a father who said that. I can only agree because that's what I'm thinking always. My parents told me that I'll have tonnes of time going for holiday after I graduate and I'll be earning enough money to go play. But the fact is, LIFE GOES ON!

What does that mean? After I graduate, I'll start working, working means tonnes of overtime, my time will be occupied by job, and living needs, as I'll be living by myself. I'll have to pay everything by myself, pay debts, pay this and that. It's all about paying, and I'll only left some money left to be saved as emergency usage. Timewise, I'll spend it overtime, work, church, cook, laundry, maybe study part-time, grocery, etc. We won't know what will happen in our daily lives. After all this, do we still have time to go for holiday? maybe.. if only we're not organising a family. Again, LIFE GOES ON!

If it's going on normally, we'll be having girlfriend or boyfriend and be together several years, in that several years, we have to spend some money on them. of course! so.. money spend on them... after several years.. the 4 words "would u marry me" will appear (if guy). so, all savings spent again to get married, then go HONEYMOON, A HOLIDAY!! so.. savings start from the beginning again. WE STILL HAVE TO WORK! got a family now. assume that we plan and do everything we should to prevent pregnancy and did it, for the first few years of marriage, we don't have to spend money on children. BUT! we still have to pay for utilities, car loans, car expenses, housing loans, food, everything... then if both work, we can manage it together, then save some money for holiday, maybe by earning extra by overtime, but tax still kills. again but, of course a family is incomplete without children right?

Before baby born, money is spent again on wife to check this and that and do all procedures needed. money needed. after 9 months, baby born. TIME! MONEY! all spend on kids... as they grow up, we as parents have to pay for the best for our kids for everything right? so, no extra to go holiday again. no time to go holiday as LIFE STILL GOES ON! work, overtime, fetch kids, kids go school, boss don't allow leave... LIFE! at that time, maybe its around 40 years old already. We still have to save for children's further education which is not cheap! if got more than 1 child, then finish lo! hehe... we have to work for that money! no time to go holiday!

After children finish education, 55 years old. children's life will continue like us if we don't give them a chance to go for vacation on their own. 55 years old, are u gonna try something that will make ur heart jump out from ur body during your holiday? i bet u don't want unless ur body is still 25 yrs old condition... Can you fly here and there like when u're young? I don't think so. Do you still have money to go vacation after using all for your children's education? not sure. Feelings of vacation at 55 yrs old and 25 yrs old, will it be same? are u gonna go vacation with friends at 55 yrs old? or u rather go with your family? everyone will only be teenagers once in their life. Time flies.... u'll plan to go for holiday next year but next year will never come.

Anyway, this is all just assuming that we have a normal salary life unless we got high salary jobs with not using most of our time working overtime or overseas. how u gonna get that? working for ur dad? so, all teens out there, especially those who're studying overseas with limited financial support, go get urself a part time job and go vacation before ur study life ends and u'll regret for not going vacation with ur friends when u start working. Unless u're those who only knows study, eat and sleep. For those who can afford to use their parents money to go vacation, I got no comment.

So, after all the reading of the crap I wrote, what do you think? Do leave some comments if u got anything to say.


Anonymous said...

i read only the 1st paragragh
mama also dun let me go anywhere
but if i wan go she will let me go de lo
she scard i simply sepnd moeny
foochow parents are too protective

jean said...

quite saddening.. but accept it. that's how it is.

Jeremy Tay said...

That's life huh.. u won't know what happen in the future and can't choose what will happen.. Life just goes on n on... and repeatedly generations after generations...

Anonymous said...

i hope my future husband can feed me though, so i wont think much about it. LOL!
something like leftover cash are hard to keep...especially for girls.
now i so rajin keep my savings one..haha

Angel Valerie said...

jeremy, that "u marry me" popped up in our last conversation.

Aih... sorry, buddy. it was just merely something to chat about.

i hope i didnt freak u out.