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Friday, 30 March 2007


FINISH!!! finally FINISH!!!! My goodness... I finally finish Okike's assignment... It's been days since I rush for it last minute due to difficulties of looking for references.. I had no choice but to use other ways to write my assignment.. I hope I can get better marks than I thought of.

Handing the assignment in 7 and half hours time from now... After handing in... the spring holiday officially start!! But there's no spring holiday for us.. sigh~~ have to start another assignment and finish dissertation.. which is hard work... and the worse part is that we all have to prepare for EXAMS!!!! My exams will be on from 3rd May to the 11th. 4 modules.

My eyes are closing.. urghh... didn't nap in the afternoon.. sitting in front of my laptop doing my work whole day... and now...



AC said...



Jeremy Tay said...

nah... only for some days.. not everyday yea... still got work to do.