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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Muse - Knights of Cydonia

Browsing in Imeem again to listen to some songs as Martin, Adrian and Vincent was in my room just now. Looking for Muse's music videos as I just known them recently because of Jade's blog's song. Knights of Cydonia is quite a long song, 6 minutes 7 seconds but the intro music is very good. I really like it. When I saw the video just now, it's even better! Amusing as well! hehe...

So here is the music video of Knights of Cydonia.

Hope you enjoyed the video.


AC said...


should have added the 2 other songs we found!

Then we'll all be ROFL
(me laughing at u ppl laugh hysterically for no reason)

Jeremy Tay said...

hehe.. if I put up that 2 songs.. sigh~~ my reputation will go straight down a... haha... too much sex element and not suitable for underage...

AC said...

Whose under aged anyways...

only problem ppl my come across is failing to understand it...
(Reading it)

XD (i think u know who)