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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Trip to York - Part 1

Delayed this post as I was tired yesterday and was doing something as well. So, today, gonna share my experience to York Yesterday (17/3) which was organized by Globe Cafe.

York, which previously named Jorvik, pronounced as Yor-Vik, is a place which is full of historical places. We went to visit York Minster and the Jorvik Viking Centre. It's really a very fun and knowledgeable trip.

York Minster was built since 627AD. It took 250 years to build until the one right now. It passed through damages, rebuilding and add-ons. (For more history about York Minster, click here) It's so huge that you can't imagine how they built it at the past with only bare hands and some tools.
Picture Above: Chapter House.

The stained glass were founded all over the building which is very artistic. The ceiling of the building is nicely built and good as well. The ceiling photo below was taken using a mirror provided near the entrance of the Minster.

There are many historical stuff in the Minster which you can see. Really should spend more time exploring the whole building if got chance to go again.
Picture shown above is the Hindley Clock. The clock's movement dates from 1749. The two oak 'quarterjacks', Gog and Magog, which strike the quarters are early sixteenth century. This clock has to be wound every 2 days.
The astronomical clock is a memorial to the Allied aircrews who flew from airbases in Yorkshire and the North-East and lost their lives during World War II. It was dedicated in 1955. On one face is shown the precise position of the sun in relation to the Minster at any time and on the other, the position of the northern stars by which aircrew navigated at night.
This is the Quire Screen which dated to the 15th century. The entrance to the Quire appearing to be guarded by the 15 Kings of England from William I to Henry VI. At the top of the screen is the pipe organ.

There are many more of the Minster which I didn't take photos of. For more information, click here.

End of Part 1.


AC said...

I didnt go but I'll assume you all had alot of fun on that trip.

Jeremy Tay said...

yea... next one Liverpool.. hiak hiak..