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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

She's BACK!!!!

Who's back?? Elewechi Okike!! omg... are we saved or nightmare coming back?? sigh~~ both.

She's giving lectures on Corporate Governance and Audit, one of the boring subjects I have this year. She lectured the first 2 months, then went away of some reasons which i just known few weeks back. she said she might come back at early January, but now it's March already, and left 2 more lectures from her only. At the period when she went away for operation on her leg, which she didn't told us, a middle-east lecturer came to give us lecture, which at the start we think it's quite annoying as he speaks Arabian accent English.. hehe... but after a while, we think he's better than Okike in the first place. Not wasting time! Wasting time? why?

Well, this lesson is 3 hours once every fortnight. In the 3 hours, she'll start crapping n say a lot which is not necessary, then start to click on the slides, then one by one, she read out the names in the name list to take attendance.. like primary school huh. that takes around 5 minutes. then when lecture start, she'll start asking question by calling names on the name list, one by one. then she'll start to check all student's homework given in previous session. Checking work eh.. like primary school again. That will leave all of us sitting there nothing to do for nearly an hour as she check every single person's work... and our class is not small... for that, an hour n half gone. left half of the time, then rest 15 to 20 minutes. come back, start lecture but suddenly crapping other stuff again... then suddenly back to topic. then the final hour just gone like that... usually she can't finish the topic, when near to the end, she'll say, we don't have much time left so I'm gonna make this fast. most of the time she craps and do unnecessary things. While the Arabian lecturer doesn't do that. just give lecture from start till half, then rest, then continue. giving as much guidance as possible. She always goes to dunno what meeting here and there and always makes us having joined session. and I heard that is owned by her family and she keep promoting that website so we'll get books there, but the service is not very good as someone tried before. interesting eh...

Today Okike come back, only 2 hours lecture as she still can't stand properly.. leg pain all the way... she really do make her effort to come today. But, as usual, she craps a lot.. only talk a bit about today's topic. but at least she do give some questions for us to prepare for exam.

Joined session again next week. 2 groups gonna sandwiched in one room for an hour before we can use the lecture room. sigh~~ how are we gonna sit in the room like that. :/


Furanshisu said...

hmm... looks like you're having fun over there eh? anyway thanks for stopping by my blog. take care n God bless.

Jeremy Tay said...

no problem! U take care too ya.. God bless..