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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Mr Bean's Holiday

Walking down town this few days I saw posters on bus stops about Mr Bean's Holiday. so, he's back with a new movie which all Mr Bean fans waited for long... After such a while.. i really miss his movies though.. Hoping that it will be greater than ever... well.. he's gonna be stupid as usual.. haha.. It will be showing on screen on 30th March which is this coming Friday.. so here are the 2 trailers which is hosted on Youtube.

The International trailer

So which one is better? Looking forward to this new Bean movie...


clement said...

it's the next movie i wanna watch, but have to wait till exam is finish. :(

Jeremy Tay said...

Haha... I might be waiting longer than you... or maybe just get a torrent when it's available...

clement said...

will be in sibu 2 weeks from now... hehe