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Saturday, 3 March 2007

James Bond - Casino Royale

Casino Royale, another Ian Fleming's James Bond story. It was shown on screen for quite some time already but tonight I get to watch it. Am I looking forward to watching this movie when it just shown? well, a bit. That's why tonight I join my friends to watch it, with hopes of that this film will be exciting and action packed, and of course, the Aston Martin's action!!

So, the movie started. Monochrome starting of the movie with Bond and an old guy chatting and reflecting something, with some actions, then Bond killed that guy. Intro music, quite long but not a bad song.. then action packed starting of the movie.. not bad, classic James Bond film. After that, the movie is rubbish.... disappointing.... The flow of the whole movie seems to be fragmented, not really continuing nicely. It has less actions if compare to previous ones.

About the cast of this movie. Daniel Craig starring as James Bond. Eva Green as the 'Bond Girl' Vesper Lynd. Well, Cathy, Alison, Jacquelyn all said Bond is so old with hell lots of wrinkles, big belly, no 8 packs, Bond girl looks lousy in make-ups... hehe... well, for me, I just think Daniel Craig is far more old and ugly if compare to Pierce Brosnan.

As for actions, hell yeah.. not enough actions at all! Even the Aston Martin DBS has no actions then it turned turtle and finish off just like that. I was looking forward to the pursuit when Bond ignite the roaring powerful V10 engine of the DBS! then that gorgeous sexy sports car just crashed in not more than 30 seconds, without any typical James Bond movie functions in the car, apparently just the machine to use to resume heart beat (well, dunno what's that machine call, only know it is to resume heart beat) when Bond was poisoned. Maybe it is done so the producers can save costs.. as those additional fittings in that Aston Martin will add up cost then profit will be lost. duh...

Another part is about Bond gambling, of course in Casino Royale it should have gambling scene. It really shows Bond's ego.. hmm.. losing millions before the last round.. apparently, he has to win the last round so it's called a movie, and so the movie can continue. When Bond got captured by the bad guy - Le Chiffre, after his Aston Martin turn turtle, he was tortured by hitting his balls with a steel ball ended rope... what the.. but after he was being rescued, he still can sex with Vesper Lynd. Even on the sex part, the scene is not as attractive as before.

I think this movie is more on the relationship of Bond and Lynd after half of the show. Vesper Lynd only appeared on the second half of the show. Then after that the movie is loaded with crap conversations between those 2. hey! we want Bond actions not crap conversations which is not relevant k? cutting down movie length can save costs as well...

And the bad guy, Le Chiffre, has Asthma. Then what's that for? entertaining seeing him suck that can of thing? Nothing to do with the movie at all, I thought Bond gonna use his asthma to kill him.. but was killed by other ppl with a gun... sigh~~ And his left eye, what happened? got a scar on the eye, and he keep rubbing his left eye, where did that come from? What's to do with the movie? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! WHAT THE CRAP?!?!??!!?

the ENDING part.. interesting huh.. the money finally got by that dunno who the hell stupid old jerk.. then get shot on the leg and Bond appear with an MP5 Navy machine gun.. "THE NAME IS BOND, JAMES BOND" (this classic intro of Bond only appear once in this movie, with crap ending) then end of movie.

?? what?? end of movie?? Oh my goodness... but still, I dunno who the crap are those ppl, but look at this comments on the movie official page... ROFLMAO...

disappointing Bond movie... no pursuits, few actions, loads of crap, unrelated stuff, not so handsome actors, boring... making up 2 and half hours with mostly crappy stuff inside... duh....

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