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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pret A Manger

Have you heard about this shop before? Guess most of them who are not in England won't know about this shop as Starbucks is far more popular... What is the different? Starbucks is famous for its coffee while Pret A Manger is famous for its sandwiches and the use of all natural ingredients for its food produced everyday. Anyway, "Pret A Manger" means "Ready to Eat" in French.

This is a typical Pret A Manger where you can find in many big cities in England.So basically, here are some of the food from Pret... baguettes, soup, water.... healthy...

cookies... cakes... pies...
even crisps....
and of course, sandwiches.... which I don't have its photo...

So why am I writing about Pret suddenly? Well, I got myself an interview at Pret, and I will have my 'one day Pret experience' on Monday and get voted by the existing team members whether I can stay to work or not... Anyway, I will work in this shop...
18, Hanover Street, Mayfair, London. It is near to Oxford Circus. Click here for info.

Wish me luck people!!

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1 comment:

Angel Valerie said...

i wish u luck just like i always do!

go, buddy!