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Saturday, 29 September 2007

My first Krispy Kreme Doughnut

During my previous job, I use Liverpool Street Station everyday to commute. I passed by this Krispy Kreme shop everyday, wondering why is it not open. Last week, I just understand that it just started business there. I continue passing by Krispy Kreme everyday. Then, last Thursday, I can't stand it anymore as I heard Krispy Kreme make nice doughnuts... so I went in... when on the way sending out my application forms to Starbucks...

Wow.... more than 10 types of doughnuts displayed and so many people were waiting for their turn to get some. As I'm already broke, I can't get too many, so I chose this, Glazed Lemon Filled. It cost £1.35. That's why there is only 1 in the special waxed bag.
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos as I used my phone, didn't bring my camera out though.

Anyway, when I first bite that doughnut..... Oh My Goodness.... The texture of it... The filing... the sugar glaze on top with some lemon flavour... Heaven!!!! Suddenly, I felt it worth £1.35 for a 1 to 2 minutes enjoyment....
Well, the next doughnut will have to wait till I get my pay... Craving for another one already... urgh!!!!

1 comment:

LydiaKong said...

melb also hav krispy kreme. but doesn't hav the type u r holding there.