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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Notting Hill Carnival Part 2

Continued from Part 1

26 August 2007
Children's Day

There are not really too many people around the carnival route but it was enough to clog up tubes and walkways. We were lucky to get a place beside the route.
It started around 12p.m.. The First electric car came up as the sponsor and the huge truck came after it with big ass sound system which can blow your head off. You can see from the video below.
The sound system was so huge that the sound pumped by the sound system can affect your digest system. My camera can't even get the sound nicely.

As the parade passed by, this costume caught my attention. What does that look like? Some bird right? Imagine more.... what are you thinking....
Does that look like huge erected testicles with huge balls hanging.... especially it's at that position... =.=" That guy who wears it must be happy... and whoever designed this costume must be gay...

More photos are in the video clip at the end of this post.

27 August 2007
Adults' Day

Due to some delays, we arrived quite late that day. Didn't really manage to catch some special photos in the parade, but caught some photos on the street. Millions of Londoners, party-goers, tourists and etc were clogging up streets in Notting Hill area. All you can see is people, huge sound system, tonnes of booze (alcohol drinks), sexy hot chicks, police... and of course... tonnes of rubbish around.

I didn't try the food as I'm broke already. sad. Too much to try also.

Anyway, this testicle with 2 balls bird outfit appeared again next day... gee.... with different guy wearing it... and with a reflective vest!! What's going on!?!?!?
What are the Chinese girls doing in the Caribbean carnival?
Here is the video, but before that, just wanna inform that the quality of the video is worst of worst as I can't get the original video uploaded. The uploaded video is a compressed version so the quality is quite bad. Anyway, enjoy...

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