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Saturday, 15 September 2007

I'm Back!!

Coming back from London after 2 interviews and got a job... which I didn't quite expected and none related to my qualifications... I'm becoming a salesman!! OMG!!!

Rather than sitting on the couch everyday and getting negative response from the other jobs I applied, I decided to take up this one. No basic salary for first 2 levels.... I'm gonna be surviving by Tesco Value instant noodles which cost 8p per packet. Need to survive like that for at least 3 months I guess... I'm gonna work from 9 to 10, not 9am to 10am, it's 9am to 10pm!!!!! What does that mean?!? That means I can't blog every now and then anymore!!! I have no internet access at my friend's place where I'll be temporary staying (till I get enough money to rent my own) and I'll be laying straight on bed already after a day's work from Monday to Friday with Saturday optional which I will also work for extra earning. I'm gonna have a continuing "work-sleep-work-sleep" pattern in my everyday life from next Monday onwards!! Sunday is the only resting day...

Something about the environment I will be working in. I will be working in a advertising firm which helps clients to get more sales of their behalf. The team which I will be working in is the top sales holder in all the teams in the London office, that means I will have a great leader support then. My first task will be selling out Sky TV to new customers and upgrades for existing customers. So ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS INTERESTED IN SKY TV, FIND ME FOR CHEAPER UPGRADES AND INSTALLATION PRICE!!!!!!!!

Finally, I'll say welcome back to all Uni. Sunderland mates who come back for the new semester. Really hope to see you people sometime around Christmas if possible.


Ellen said...

wow..first time i leave comment for u * guilty look* hehe. and how come need word verification one anyway, really think tat u have a great and successful blog. a lot to learn from u. and congratz for getting a job. hope u will be doing fine. and dun get too tired. =D all da best

Jean said...

all the best of luck, uncle!

Jeremy said...

hi Ellen. Did u really first time leaving me comments? anyway, I'll try to maintain my blog in my extremely busy weekdays...

jean.. yea.. i will... don worry...