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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Life in Pret

Ola (Spanish Hello)!!! So I worked for nearly a week already. How I felt for the past few days? I don't really feel lousy at all though... I feel that my time is filled up as I woke up at 5am, start shift at 6am and work till 2pm. Planning to work overtime as soon as I got permission. I thought it was very tired working from 6am but I was wrong, I felt really fresh though.

My shop's team member's nationalities... Colombians, Brazilians, German, Spanish, Polish, Taiwanese, and me, Malaysian. There are more than 20 team members including part timers who work different shifts, usually from 6am to 10am and 10am to 2pm. There are also those who work after 2pm of course.

Anyway, I just learned that Brazilians speak Portuguese, Colombians speak Spanish and Portuguese is similar to Spanish so they can speak to each other... =.='' I really need to learn Spanish from now onwards.... One more, among 6 Polish, 2 are girls... and I found out they are quite pretty and cute though. Haven't got chance to take photos of them yet... wait till next Friday Night Drink then I'll take some photos of them... :D Anyway, their names are interesting... guys names are like Leonardo, Ricardo, Karol while girls names were like Adriana, Lina, Justina, Diana etc...

Working here, I get free breakfast & lunch so I save a lot on food. Now I only pay for my dinner that's all.

Well, that's my first week in Pret. Nothing more special happen already. Update again when got a chance to online... Cao (Spanish Bye).


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haha.... nola... my name is so nice already... don't wanna change anything lo... hiak hiak...