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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Marsden Grotto

What is that? Well, it's a place which I went with Sunderland's mates during my university. Why suddenly brought that up while I never updated it? Well, basically, I saw this 1950's Marsden Grotto picture when I was looking for other photos. It suddenly made me interested to update it.

Comparison time!!!

This is the 1950's Marsden Grotto which I found online at
This is the 2007's Marsden Grotto picture which I took with Nic's camera.
Are there any difference? 57 years...

Anyway, what were we doing there then? It's not just a visit to the beach really... It was Jeannie's and Alvin's Birthday that day. We went there to Smuggler Jack's Fish Bar which is in that building below.

Here's the story....

That day was 11th June, we went there for lunch as the exams are finished already and it was Jean & Alvin's birthday. It was sunny when we started our journey from Sunderland, but as we were on the bus, suddenly weather changed, from sunny sunshine to moody foggy.... So this is the entrance of the building which is located on top of the cliff which you can see from the picture above. There is a lift going down or you can use the stairs.
So these guys prefer to sit in the corner....
While we trio, Alvin, me & Nic.... sitting in the middle of the fish bar...
Birthday guy & girl...
This is one interior part of the building. As you can see, the building is half built in the stone cliff so it's something like in a cave.
We went outside after our meal to walk on the beach, which was supposed to be sunny & warm... but we were feeling cold as the stupid fog suddenly "drop by" and we didn't prepare extra clothing... Anyway, I like this photo very much though.... ;)
And this is the coolest pose in this set of photos... duh....
Actually there are still some photos of me spied by dunno who... Don't dare to post those photos though... quite sensitive... those who got this set of photos should have those photos as well... see for urself...

Anyway, that is all to update in this very very late post of Marsden Grotto trip which was supposed to be updated during mid June 2007.

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