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I'm officially broke..

Saturday, 22 September 2007


It's Saturday finally... still not Sunday.... I thought I will only be online tomorrow but, I can't hold on anymore. I felt so so so tired after whole week walking around... my feet hurts now... so I quit the Saturday optional team day session.

Anyway, I made my first sale yesterday and manage to make £30 out of that. Yesterday was my first day solo. Sadly I didn't manage to get 2 sales so I didn't get the £50 bonus. DAMN IT!!!!
Gee... I feel so not motivated today though... I went to the Team Day session but I lied to the manager that something happened and I need to get back so I got to go earlier... My trainer quit yesterday and I only get to know this morning when I called him... It shaken me a lot... and my team here, left only 4 people and 1 of them is going to change to another campaign starting Monday. 1 more newbie coming in on Monday and that will still be 4 person in the team, with no leaders. SHOOT!!!

I wonder how long can I hang on in here.... If I don't get any other job soon I guess my leg will break.... DAMN!!!! Why is it so damn difficult to get a proper accounts job.... It's just stupid. every single vacancy wants experience and damn it, if everyone wants experience then where are the newbies gonna get the fuckin' experience they wanted??

Damn tired now...


Angel Valerie said...

hang on there, buddy!

im finally back for real!


Jean said...

quote you "if everyone wants experience then where are the newbies gonna get the fuckin' experience they wanted??".. true, very true.

Jeremy said...

hehe... even the locals agree with that... and now... I can only apply for Starbucks... damn!!