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Sunday, 2 December 2007

First day of December

It's the first day of December and I'm having a bad day.... (again complaining in my blog...)

Well, basically, today Oxford Street and Regent Street is closed for transport, so there are only people walking around and lots of activities going on for the whole afternoon.... yet... I was stuck in the stupid shop for whole day..... bloody manager.... and i missed whole day's event...

my schedule today is 11am until 7pm, but Mark the damn assistant manager who is staying with us today told us that the shop will be closing at 7pm... So, is he trying to make a fool out of us? we usually took at least 1 hour to finish close the shop!!! when i asked him about it, he can't answer me at all then walked away... shame on him.... 

but, luckily and unluckily I am sick since few days ago... today gone worse... then i tell him that i'm going home at 7pm in any way as I'm really sick.

When at work, I had my break like 5 hours after start!!! Imagine standing at the counter for 5 hours with customers queuing up non stop since noon!!! i'm like half dead when on break... 

What a day... sick, tired, missed whole day's event.... going home now... 

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