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Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy Birthday Cathy!!

It's 1 year again. I was still in Sunderland at her last birthday party... well... half way through the birthday party while not with her on the actual day... :p This year... I am totally out of her sight during her birthday... Actually I promised her before she left for summer holiday that I'll be attending her birthday party this year... sadly I can't make it... Seems like I'm always not there huh...
Anyway, she's still the same after a year. She still makes me laugh every time we chat. She still complains a lot. She is still known as "Abu". She still say I'm not neat. but as long as she's still original "Abu"... then it should be fine...Happy 21st Cath. Have a great year showered with blessings, lucks, and may all your wishes come true...

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Anonymous said...

thanks uncle J!

Jeremy said...

:) u're most welcome.