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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Fireworks Display

Early last month, there was a fireworks display happening in London. I'm not sure what is it for, jsut that there's some event like that happening every year. Fireworks are displayed in various locations, some need to pay to see and some of them are free. At East London where I live, there is one at Victoria Park. I took a lot of photos but the results were not really good. I used the Fireworks function on my camera, but most of them seems quite blurry so I don't wanna put it up here. It's not easy to take fireworks photos... -_-

Did you see a human like figure there? It was a huge human rib cage model they set up and the little fire beside which shoots fire is the "Big Ben rocket" model which just lit up. It then shoots up to the sky, of course not real... just using an industrial crane to lift it up.

Anyway, this is a random photo outside Victoria Park, taken with higher exposure. Not bad..
After this event, it will be the motor show which I will go later on, and the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which will be open until early January. There are ice skating ring there and lots more fun. Many ice rings were set up already and I am yet to visit them.

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