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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Looking for a house

Recently, beside working, Kevin and I had been looking for a new place to stay. We had seen a few places but some of them were already rent out when we just manage to go see. Viewed one yesterday, the area is good, and it's a 2 room flat. the bad point is that the single room is hell small. The other one which Kevin's girlfriend go see is nice as well (from the pictures). I will be going to have a look at that one with Kevin tomorrow afternoon after finishing my work. Hope it's gonna be fine and all the arrangements are fine then we can get the flat as soon as possible. It's like hell at the place we live now. why?

Last night, the washing machine was full with water until water came out of it even though the door is closed. The sink was clogged few weeks ago, then it went clogged again last week. Nothing was done and the water when we wash up in the sink all go into the washing machine. I pumped out all the water in the washing machine and I took 10 BUCKETS of water to move all the water out. damn it.... I really don't know how to continue living in this place.... 

I'll post some photos soon of the new places soon if possible...

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