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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Monkey... Penguin... Polar Bear...

Uh... What's all those animals about?

Recently friends start to call me names again.. I thought I'll never face it anymore here.. but... sigh~~

Vincent put my name in his online game in a character which looks like monkey.. so I become monkey. What the heck... then Liwan start calling me penguin as she say I walk like penguin.. with big belly... =.=" then just now... Chloe calls me polar bear... =.=" why polar bear??? weird.. I look so dark.. don't have fair skin though..

Well, what's next? come on.. leave some animal names for me in your comments.. LOL~~


Angel Valerie said...

monkey, penguin, polar bear?

or is it koala bear?

vincent? hii? haha... i know im kinda perasan here but cant blame me... miss him too much already. when i say 'too much' it means TOO MUCH!!!

haha... btw, penguin n polar dont seem to suit u... go for monkey. haha...

Jeremy Tay said...

It's Vincent Lee. hehe.. miss that guy so much? I tot u hate him?? LOL~~

my goodness... monkey...sigh~~

AC said...

Im gonna say baboon but then i've used that already.


Chloe Chong said...

baboon sound just nice for him i think.

Jeremy Tay said...

my goodness....