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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Holiday Ending

Ah... Holiday ending soon. In less that 48 hours time we're going to continue our life in uni. What have we done in the spring holiday? play, play, and play. Our relationship had improved a lot since then. Wondering how long will our friendship last.. I hope it's forever as i really cherish every moment with them.

Things had happen lately and we're concern about it. Hope everything will past very soon so everything can be back to normal again. Hope the person with that problem really can make full decision of it so we won't be so worried.

It's 5:26am now and it's not that I wake up early.. I didn't sleep.. so as other PK team members. just finish our food and i might start work soon... or maybe sleep? or nap a while then continue work? Decide after posting this though.

We all have our things to do.. and we all have our own exams to prepare!! so, get started before it's too late!! good luck everyone!!!!

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