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Sunday, 8 April 2007


Today we had our haircut! who? me, Alvin, Vincent, and Adrian.. oh ya.. and Lily as well as she cuts her own hair.. forgotten.. Jeannie, our barber as well... she cut her own hair as well.. So Jean cut Alvin's hair before Lily cut mine. Didn't remember to catch some photos though. Only catch the photos of hair which were on the floor... poor hair...
oh ya... and our barber, Jeannie.. but not my main barber though... she only helps to repair my hair a bit after Lily cuts it. It was a painful process. As you can see from the photo.. the way she holds the tools... and that grin... my goodness... i yelled continuously when she cuts my hair... duh...
And the result....
shorter and thinner hair... what do you think??

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