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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Holiday officially started last Saturday when on trip to Liverpool. I didn't stop playing since then. After coming back from Liverpool, the next day I straightly go to Metro Centre with Jeannie, Deborah and Felicia. So weird when think of it.. why bother to go with 3 girls shopping around? Just feel bored that day so decide last minute to join them.

That's the train to Metro Centre from Newcastle Central Station. It took us around 7 to 8 minutes to get there costing £2.10 return. The train is quite lousy and old, the cushions on the seats in the train are bad that you feel the plank below. Seats are dirty as well. All along the track, you can feel the rail track not flat at all. Luckily taking us 7 to 8 minutes only to arrive.

It's my second time to Metro Centre, so it's not new for me anymore. Just bringing the 3 girls around and they go shopping. We ate at Burger King and I get a Double Whopper which is quite big so I feel so full after eating it.

The photo is taken from first floor of the building. The building has 4 wings, which divided to 5 malls. Blue Mall, Yellow Mall, Green Mall, Red Mall and Center Mall. After around 4 hours there, all the shops start to close so we were forced to leave.. 5pm. we went back to Newcastle to catch Metro back to Sunderland.

3 girls waiting for Metro at Central Station. So I snap a photo of them while waiting. After 10 minutes the 1 carriage only Sunday service arrive so it's our way home....
That's the first Sunday of my holiday. Monday I only went to town with Alvin to stock some food for our fridge that's all. At night I just stayed at Maple's room watching movie with her and chat till quite late. Tuesday, yesterday, is quite interesting though. Jeannie, Felicia and Nic went to Amsterdam already, so just left 9 of us here. 6 of us were having fun all day... Me, Alvin, Martin, Vincent, Adrian, Jac.

Me and Alvin woke up and had breakfast with Adrian at around 11 in the morning. While waiting for Martin and Vincent, we stopped Jac who was just coming back from town from going back to her room. haha... forcing her to go town with us again. So, we went to town get a lot of food for dinner... After come back, we 6 ppl eat again.. after that, play games in the kitchen dining table. 6 laptops! haha.. around 5.30pm Deborah came down to cook and she was quite shocked of all the laptops on dining table as she said it's like a cyber cafe. haha... we watch final episode of season 2 of Prison Break after finish play. Then watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie after that. Dinner halfway of the movie. Had pleasant dinner, feel different atmosphere as Nic and Jean wasn't here... then continue watch after that, then shower, then update blog till now.

That's the first few days of my holiday. hehe... and later in the morning I'll be joining Alvin, Cathy, Maple, Chloe and also Vincent, Martin and Adrian as well to go to Metro Centre AGAIN.

Cathy coming over soon.. so.. end my post here. After tomorrow I really have to get back to my work.. shit loads of work haven't done yet.

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