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I'm officially broke..

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Money Money Money!!!!!!!!!

Keep on counting the money I spent recently... I can't afford anymore... ARGHHHH!!!!! I never had more than 1 note in my wallet for more than 3 days this 2 weeks starting this month. Now I don't have anymore notes in my wallet even though I just withdraw this morning... seriously!!

Where did it go? Food.. as usual, and adding birthdays. sigh~~ I'll need to get more in this few days to cover birthday party steamboat, dinner funds to be paid again this Friday... and presents... too many people born in this month.. wondering why... still 20 days to end this month... Don't know when I can stop spending... sigh~~ Stopped spending for extra junk food already... stop spending on fruit juice which I love to drink already... what else can I ban myself from spending for it?

Lets hope for the goodies my parents sent will arrive within this 2 weeks time...

Overspending for April!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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