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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Happy Birthday Jac!!!!!

Just finish surprising Jac!!! What a success of fooling her that we forgot and don't wanna celebrate her birthday anymore... Since 5/4 she was asking us about celebrating her birthday already. Her actual birthday is on the 6th, but she lied to us that it's on 7th.. so that's her problem.. kekeke... but we still act like don't care about it.

Just now, last night, we continuously played Starcraft as usual. We really did a great job by covering up that we'll surprise her. thanks to Vincent and Adrian for staying in her room to keep an eye on her, thanks to Martin for baking the cake although he feels so tired, thanks to Cathy for making the 21 on top of the cake.
Well, we really surprised her!! hehe... we sealed up her door so she have to break through the newspaper barrier... we even put 2 bananas on the newspaper barrier, asking her to finish it before breaking through.

After breaking out, she has to finish another 19 bananas as she's 21 years old! you can see the bananas in her hand.. hahahaha.... so she just continue eating.. someone who like to eat banana as well start to snatch her bananas to eat... who is it??????

Well... Cathy Wong... squating on floor eating banana... like a monkey?? anyway... there are others who also help her eat as well.... so...

The result is that Jac is very touched on what we did for her... she told her parents that her friends are bad that we all didn't celebrate for her... poor Jac.. have to be sad for days before we celebrate for her.... See her expression...
She's so touched that she sobbed... and eat banana... monkey??


Happy Birthday Jac!!!!!


clement said...

the squatting gal looks like have difficulty pansai. :P

Snow's Diary said...

thanks!! i am too happy!!!
happy till death might approach.
check out my space too~

Anonymous said...

abubu not pretty liao (T.T)

Jeremy Tay said...

hahahaha... abubu... check out the first comment by clement.. haha... the squating gal looks like having difficulty pangsai... hahahahahah...