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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Views from London Eye

So I went to the London Eye with Sarah & Andy. I never went up before after seeing so many times so last Sunday I decided to jump on the famous wheel. I got my ticket, £15 for around 20 minutes ride.

This is the wheel mechanism which drives the whole thing. It's actually 4 truck tyres by each side of the wheel frame. I wonder how much is the power of the machine to drive the whole wheel.
The shadow of the wheel on the field with tourists at the pavement.
This is London Waterloo Train Station behind the front square building and the field. Click to enlarge to see more clearly.
Andy, Sarah, me on the Eye.
Buckingham Palace behind the trees on the left. Click to enlarge.
Big Ben & Parliament House.

The following 3 pictures are required to be enlarge to see clearly as the size is too big. I tried to minimise the size a bit so the file will be smaller to upload. I stitched the photos together. The photos were views around from the London Eye. You can see landmarks such as The Gherkin, St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, BT Tower, River Thames, and etc. Try to spot it.


clement said...

i'll never dare to get on that... afraid will puke out whatever i ate b4 that... i'm afraid of that

Jeremy said...

nah... it's not that horrible... it's not shaking or whatever, just like u stand on top of Wisma Sanyan to see the view of Sibu thats all... hehe...