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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sarah was here

Last weekend, Sarah & Andy came to London so we got a chance to meet up as Sarah was craving for Malaysian food. A friend suggested that I bring them to C&R Cafe Restaurant which serves reasonable priced Malaysian food and it taste alright. Waited at Trafalgar Square then we head straight to the restaurant which located just next to China Town. It was such a lovely day last Sunday that the temperature was just right for travelling with sun shining whole day.
Well, we reached C&R and started ordering. The menu was so long and everything inside were all Malaysian, which in the end I really am not sure which one to choose. So there we go, ordering some food then drinks. Drinks come first, from the left, watermelon juice which Andy ordered, middle one is Teh Tarik which I ordered, and Chrysanthemum Tea which Sarah ordered and craved for so long.
Soon, our food arrived, first, Sarah's *I forgot what's the name already* It's Char Kuey Tiao with seafood and eggs sauce.
Andy ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.
I ordered their Char Kuey Tiao which received great comments. Well, actually it's still not comparable to local Char Kuey Tiao as it doesn't have enough of the steel wok burnt smell like what we used to have in Malaysia, but, I'm in London so this dish is fine enough.
In the end, we decided to ordered some dessert, so, here we are, Ais Kacang. Looks nice ain't it? The taste is really not up to standard... gee... not enough taste of the original Ais Kacang. In the end, our tongue freezed and Sarah got brain freezed. HAHAHA~~~~ We didn't really finished it as Andy is not having too much. Oh, in case you are wondering, he's English.
After that we went back to Trafalgar Square and head towards London Eye.
I'll update Views From London Eye in the next post.


MyviKiller said...

C&R does not offer as much variety as Malaysian Canteen(Bayswater), had their ais kacang during winter time which nearly killed me!!!

Jeremy said...

haha ais kacang during winter... Malaysian Canteen? I heard its closed down already.. hmm... i try to find out again.

MyviKiller said...

There's the other one called Campur-Campur, forgotten the exact location liao la...

MyviKiller said...

OO yeah if you like eating fine pies or cakes or whichever food that is British, then head to Newens, 15 minutes walk from Kew Gardens.

I miss London...

Jeremy said...

hehe... london is interesting to live but really... it's too too expensive...