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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Spring Snow in London

Yesterday (6 April 2008) morning I was woken up by my flatmate knocking on the door. As it was still early, I don't even care that she knock on the door. After 2 times knocking, she start shouting... "IT'S SNOWING!!!!" I fly out from my bed and look outside.... It was the most surprising and exciting views that I never expected that it would be in front of my eyes, especially in London and it's Spring already.

The first thing I did was to grab the batteries for my camera which was still charging since previous night and snapped the first photo of the snow... it was 8.18am.

Look at that... It's a scene which I haven't seen for 1 year... I thought London would never snow as previous forecasts all disappointed me. I never expect the forecast this time is accurate.

Anyway, after taking these photos, I just wear my jacket and get my hat with gloves then rush out for more photos and snow... This are the flats just behind where I live.
And the first thing in my mind was going to Streatham Common, a big grass field which is very nice for activities. 1 of the parks in London.

I made the first snowman this year. Small one without face whatsoever.

Then this is the second snowman I made, with everything including a pipe for him.
The following photo is a 360 degree view around the field from the centre of the field. You can print it and stick 2 end together. LOL~~ Click to enlarge to see clearly, you can even see my second snowman in this picture.
I went back soon after taking that picture to have breakfast as it was really freezing already and the snow already turn from big flakes to small tiny bits. But the main reason is because I need to get back to prepare myself to go out for the Olympic Torch Relay.

Along the way to Brixton, I took this picture on the bus.
Olympic Torch Relay will be coming up soon. It comes with protests photos as well. Watch out.


Angel Valerie said...


u know how i long for snow here...

Jeremy said...

well, i already ask u to come here a.. haha... erm... again well, it's not usual to snow in London. I'm also waiting for quite long.. it's only 2 times i really seen white land in nearly 2 years time.

Angel Valerie said...

i hate u for that.

go to now. my previous blog account was cancelled because of something.