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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Spring in London

Warning: Large number of photos. Loading might be slow depending your internet speed.

Date: 26 April 2008
Venue: St. James's Park, Soho, Regent's Park.
Camera: Canon Powershot A430 4.0MP

Last Saturday was a good day to go out as the sun was shining above the sky with temperature reaching around 21'c. I decide to go out to have a walk and take some photos of parks.

I start my walk from St. James Park which is near to Buckingham Palace, not very far from North Bank of River Thames.

The PKR poker webpage's advert was on the sky flying by a helicopter

As I finish St. James Park, I walk my way towards Regent's Park, which is at North London. As I walk, I passed by Piccadilly Circus then I decided to go to Soho to take some photos as well.

Look at all the people in Soho Square...

After Soho... I walk till Regent's Park. The view was stunning and it is very well looked after. Buildings around the park look very expensive. Like other parks, there were many people lying on the grass reading, chatting or just enjoying the sun.

Some photographic club members practicing. Wish I can be one of them.

I love the following few photos of the swans in the lake. I spent around 15 minutes observing them and took some interesting photos.

I spent around 4 hours walking from one end to another of Central London including taking photos. I really do wish I have a better camera than the one I use for the past 2 years, which is my first camera which I bought myself.

What do you think of the photos and scenery? Which photo do you like best? Which one is the best taken? Let me know by giving some feedbacks.


Angel Valerie said...

awww... really pretty flowers...

MyviKiller said...

Makes me miss the Chelsea Flower show hahahahahah...

Jeremy said...

yeap... really pretty flowers...

Well, I think Chelsea Flower Show will be on in few months time.. hehe...