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Friday, 9 May 2008

I am rebellious

Yes, I am a rebellious person. I have a rebellious character. It's not the first time I act like that. I just hate when people force me to do something, shout at me to do something which I know of what my decision is. I hate it when the manager treats us like dogs or machines, or just slaves, doing whatever they like to us until we are out of breath for their own pocket. I hate even more when the managers manipulate us but didn't show any appreciation for our work towards their pocket.

Recently, the business went better, we are all tired, I feel that I, as lowly team member, still get the same pay like we do a bit less job, is unfair. We get no appreciation, not even a sincere thank you from the manager. Out of 4 managers, I can only feel the sincere of the Delivery Manager, Dan, the only English working in our shop. I will serve him more than any managers, even if he ask me to run as fast as possible for deliveries like there is no tomorrow. I know I am gonna be loyal to him as he knows the meaning of appreciation.

The Ops manager, is a jerk. manipulating us like what I said before. Yet, adding more pressure and workload for the closing shift, me and other 2 colleagues. I once heard him saying to the kitchen leader, "I give you XXX (any colleagues), please make the most of him/her in the kitchen" It's like sending us to hell. Today, I am utterly disgusted by his doing during closing hour. Before today, he only called 1 nearby shop so we can send our leftovers sandwiches to them, today he called 2!!! that makes 3 closing people with 2 sending sandwiches for him to other shop while there is only 1 person closing. Why sending sandwiches to other branches? He claims that the waste levels are high!! I don't give a damn!! Cutting waste levels is only making his pocket fatter!!

My shop, 3 of 4 managers are ££ signed in their eyes and mind and everything. Short of staff, lack of communication between themselves, manipulating workers like slaves, ops manager ordering workers like dogs to do anything he wants, in the end we get screwed if our performance is not as good causing by too much work to be done, etc.

So much for that, I just slowly realized that the workers who work here are mostly stupid as well. Letting them do whatever they want then stabbing them at the back saying this and that. They just don't know their entitlements and rights as employees in this company and they don't give a shit about it.

Now I realize education in business area makes me think more advance than others, especially in management.

I am NOT gonna let him do like what he does to others. I am gonna be rebellious as long as he doesn't respect and appreciate me sincerely as his subordinate because that is my way of thinking and I am gonna stick to it!

~~~Gonna face him again in the office again for today's fiasco.~~~ See what's gonna happen.... He claims it's about my attitude. Go bloody look himself in the mirror godammit!! Go ask my colleagues how is my attitude!!! _)&@#@#&*&(*_)+_)*^%%$#$@(

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