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Saturday, 10 May 2008


Having disgusted by the way my shop's manager treats us. I made my decision!!

I QUIT!!!!!

Today the General Manager pissed off closing shift!! Even Team Leader!!! He's totally stupid!!! For God's Sake!!! Treating us like Superman or Power Rangers with super strength and speed!!! He totally has no idea of anything that we do. Asking us to bring 2 tables and 4 chairs from the other shop at a distance of 5 minutes walk. Tell you what!! The tables are more than 20kgs each and chairs are at least 5kgs each!! Telling that we can do it in 5 minutes!!! Is he STUPID??!???!? and the kitchen manager just dumped all her work which she started and ask us to clean up all her bloody mess then she just left!!! It took over an hour extra to close the kitchen.


I am going to write my resign letter later giving bloody 2 weeks notice (2 weeks!!!) and tomorrow morning I am gonna go to the shop just to stick my letter into the assistant manager's throat!! He didn't talk to me whole day today, not even asking me to make his coffee. Not even look at me at all. Now he knows. He wanna say that my attitude is bad. Look at yourself. Talking with fingers, treating employees like dogs. Being a manager, the first 2 things you need to do are RESPECT your employees and secondly, APPRECIATE!! not pulling employees nose here and there!!



MyviKiller said...

Yup Pret-A-Manger tables are FREAKIN' heavy, wonder how did you all did it in 5 minutes...

Jeremy said...

we didn't do it in 5 minutes... took 20 minutes for 2 of us to bring from other shop to my shop for 2 times...