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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Apple Store

I'm now standing inside Oxford Street's Apple Store updating my blog. Everyone is here using the computers and laptops to check mail and other stuff. It's like a free cyber cafe though... just that it doesn't have any chairs in front of the computer... hehe... It's a very huge store though.... there are many people coming in and out everyday.

Anyway, I just finish work and the time now is 7.45pm. The shop is near to mine so I just pop in. 

Just a quick update here. Well, I get paid already last Thursday for the hardwork I did and it's 2 days to the next pay now.... looking forward to it. hehe.... 

Okie dookie.... that's all in this post. cya all again sometime later.... 


SabrinaW said...

It feels great to receive your pay after hours of hard work yeah? Hehe... remember to spend ur money wisely

Jeremy said...

yea... hehe... and today I got my second pay.... yippee!!! hiak hiak.... but need to pay my rent dy... sigh~~~~

Ken said...

do you get tips?

Jeremy said...

nope... cos our shop is something like takeaway sandwich shop... something like McD sorta thing... but we got bonus if any of us perform good every week... a bonus of £1 per hour for the whole week.... so if we work like 40hrs per week, it'll be £40 extra per week..