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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Last Week.....

Well, basically, interesting experiences happen everyday and I really don't know where to start. I worked in Pret for a week already, now moving into second week. I mastered some of the sandwich making skills and the team leader and manager were quite happy with my performance as I speak to the manager this morning. Glad about it. Life is interesting in Pret but really is tiring. I saved so much on food as I get to eat fresh and nutritious food from Pret every breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow I'll be working from 11am so I don't need to wake up at 5am to rush for the first tube.

Anyway, last weekend, me and Kevin went to a Chinese Restaurant to have ''dim sum''. It's my first time having 'dim sum' in London really. I took some photos of what we eat but I didn't manage to bring it here to the cyber cafe. I don't have time to edit the photos yet. We had a great time eating though. That's last weekend.

Yesterday when working, it's my first time going out for a delivery as out shop is short of hands. I did it as a substitute. It was raining so badly. The place I need to go is called Swallow Place, which was just 3 minutes walk from the shop. I went out for nearly 30 minutes as I can't find the damn place. The map shows it's next to Regent Street but I walked the whole Regent Street to find it and I even asked the street cleaner for direction which he leads me to Swallow Street. So, Swallow Place & Swallow Street, similar name but it's on different place. I didn't manage to deliver and my colleague did it for me. Everyone was laughing when I went back to the shop.... I was soaked wet as the rain was so heavy.... damn.... Luckily today, I'm glad that I made 2 deliveries successfully....

Anyway, just some happenings while I was away from my blog. Now I'm thinking of should I take days off during end of December period.... The shop only closes at Christmas day and New Year day. Struggling to make decision.....


SabrinaW said...

Your job sounds scary! If it was me, I think I won't be able to do delivery... ;p

Anonymous said...



Jeremy said...

well, it's not that difficult at all if we were given the right directions... hehe.... I had done quite a number of deliveries already.... not bad at all....