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Friday, 7 March 2008

Stepping into March

It's the 7th day of March already and there isn't really much to say in my blog nowadays except complaints about my job... so I rather don't update all those crap here to depress you all...

Just an update of my life now. I'm still working at the same place; being rejected by an accounting trainee interview; my printer DIED after using for a month, send it for warranty repair, then get a new replacement 2 days later after I sent out, which is 2 days ago.

Good that I get my printer back, in such a short time. My printer was having problems with the feeder as it doesn't 'suck' in the paper when it wants to print, paper jam error message appear and there goes... I can't do anything with a printer like that, and very lucky that I just past 28 days exchanging policy of PCWorld where I get my printer, so I need to send it for warranty at Canon.

Ah... an update of my life turned out to be babbling about my printer... anyway, my life isn't changing much at all...

till then... tata...

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