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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Parking in Central London

*My computer is back to normal after 5 days suffering from Malware.. No reformatting needed all thanks to ComboFix software...*

Just some pictures which I took with my mobile phone (again) at work (again) to share with you all.

Well, it's just so difficult to get a parking space in central London yea. This car is the very famous electric car called G-Wiz. It cost a normal super mini's price, which is run only by electric, free of road tax, free of parking fees in London, free of congestion charge of £8 a day which is quite high. And, they can park like this. look at that Mercedes S-Class beside it... huge and expensive, taking up so much space... this tiny little car, a bit smaller than Smart fortwo (but uglier), just squeeze into this tiny space...

Well, just a picture sharing post... hehe... that's all...


Anonymous said...



Jeremy said...

no... it's only for city use... not really fast cos it's small n run by electric... quite a number in the city as it's cheap to run compare to big cars..

MyviKiller said...

Electric cars are not new in the UK, the first one was the Reliant Robin, Mr Bean's "favourite" car. This one is from India btw.

Jeremy said...

now got electric delivery vans, lorries, motorbikes, even bus. All on the road dy. well... when can i see a Tesla on the road in London.. hehe...