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Monday, 19 November 2007


2nd November 2007, Brian, our manager brought us to a Lebanese Restaurant for dinner as we achieved Star Team Award worth £850.
Before we had our dinner, it was a meeting in the shop to understand more about the company and our shop's performance. Below are few of the photos to share with you all. As I am short of time, I just edit few of them.
My Colleagues: Svetlana (Latvia) - Team member Star, always arguing with team leaders; Usoa (Spain) - Team leader, very friendly, real profession is an artist; Ricardo (Germany) - Barista, Valerie (Bolivia) - Part timer, charming lady; Lilian (Brazilian Japanese) - Part-timer.
My Colleagues: Guilherme (Brazilian Italian) - Going back to Brazil next month, a great colleague who works hard and friendly; Mohsin (Morocco) - Barista, talking non stop all the time; me; Samy (Arab) - Dad Malaysian Mom Chinese, super noisy.

During dinner time.
Some of the main course food. Before it came out, we were all full already as the starters are already like main course.
My Colleagues: Julian (Colombia) - Part-timer, name pronounced as "Hu-lee-ann", me, Dagmara (Poland) - Hot-Chef, in short we call her Daga. She's lovely and only 19 years old.

Anyway, that's the photo update available this week. Next week I'll try to post the fireworks display 2 weeks ago.

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