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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fuel Rebate?

Something about the motorcycle I use for some time. It doesn't have a working speedometer nor fuel gauge. I didn't really care about the speedometer as it's an old bike and it's not going to go like over 80km/h maximum anyway. The thing I can't stand is the broken fuel gauge. The fuel gauge just went out of order when I come back from UK. I didn't know and I broke down on the road once because of it. It ran out of fuel. dammit.

Well, my journey from home to office is around 20 minutes. Not far, but for a half wrecked motorcycle, it's hell bad. I'm feeling the price of the fuel here. Few years ago, I can pump full tank by RM5. Now, RM5 is only over half tank. This RM5 has a story today.

As the day starts, I brought the half wrecked motorcycle to the fuel station, nearly empty tank. I took out my wallet, pull out the RM50 note to the counter, "Pam 6, 5 Ringgit" and hand over the money. The Malay girl at the other side, took my money, nodded, touch the screen - - Pump 6 - - RM5 - - Tender RM50. The screen then shows RM45 change. The Malay girl took 4 RM10 notes, 1 RM5 note, actually she should stop, but she continued and took 2 RM1 notes, making up RM47. I thought she was kidding. She counted the change once. I thought they offer RM2 of fuel for every RM5 pumped. She counted again, and hand me the money over the counter, with the 2 RM1 notes on top. I took and say thanks, put back in my wallet, and go straight to the pump and fill my tank up.

I start to look around, like nothing happen, while turning my eyes towards the counter. I saw her smiling, looking at me... I pretended nothing happen. I know she suddenly realized she got me the wrong change. I was thinking if she's going to come out to get my RM2 back, or shut the pump off so I can't refill as much. After I finish, I ride the half wrecked motorcycle away to work, like nothing happen, while laughing.

Even though it's only RM2, but it makes difference. My lunch today only cost me 70 cents as the full price is RM2.70.

For RM5 of fuel, I get discount of 40%, not bad eh. But I think the poor girl needs to put her own RM2 back into the cash register....


Anonymous said...

What I do is to check the pump 1st 2 c whether there is any left over fuel, and I got RM 14 of free fuel once!

Anonymous said...

Or did u hypnotized her just like Richard Hammond kena in TG?

Jeremy said...

wow... RM14!! thats quite an amount though... haha.. no la... i dont hv that kind of technique yet... maybe need to attend some special courses.. haha...

maggie~ said...

0.o"" she likes u is it? XP wah~ jeremy so charming meh? can make a gurl free RM2 fuel~ =P