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Monday, 6 October 2008

Worst Bank Experience Ever!

Yeah right.... We'll help you get there... in "no time"...

From KitKat's blog, I saw his complaints about this bank. Last weekend, I heard complaints about their car loan services from a friend... today it's my turn to complain... DAMN!!

Well, I got myself a job, and the company requires me to open a bank account at that bloody bank. Well, I'll try to explain.

From my office to the nearest branch, journey is around 20 minutes by using 2 wheels, due to traffic, cars will consume more time to reach the destination. My lunch break is 1 hour 30 minutes. That seems really long as some offices only have 1 hour lunch break.

So I took my motorbike and went to the petrol station for refill, adding traffic and such, with exhaustion due to concentrating on the road, and going to another bank to get my deposit to open the new account, I reached my destination at around 12.30pm. I walked into the bank, the security old man gave me a number to queue up, but due to that there's not many people I felt quite lucky. Until I saw the wall which states that opening bank account doesn't need any numbers and just queue up at counter 1 and 2, well, including Fixed Deposit services. I was thinking, well, I;ll have a try, but the lady at other counter said I need to go there to queue... O___O" I saw 2 person queuing up and 1 lady standing at the counter quite long already. I rushed towards the queue... but it was too late... another lady suddenly appear in front of me... so there's 3 person in front of me... and 2 counters, there's only 1 open. That doesn't really piss me off until I knew that they need the MYKad reader to open the bloody account!! and there's only 1 at counter 1!!! What for setting up 2 counters with 1 person working and only 1 card reader!!! It took ages for the people in front of me to settle their stuff... I waited for 40 minutes for my turn... and took like nearly 10 minutes to finish everything. The time is 1.20pm and there's only 10 minutes left. There goes my lunch break... but I didn't care and went for lunch before "flying" my motorbike through heavy traffic at around nearly 1.30pm. I reached there 10 minutes later.... half the time I use to reach the bank cutting everything else out.

For me... I was more lucky than KitKat as he doesn't get his card on the day while I got mine on spot! but damn... totally poor service... Banks should set up sufficient counters for customers to open account!! It's their bloody business and they should be happy that there are people coming to open up account in their bloody bank!! Instead they only have 2 counters and using some extra process time due to slow card readers and lack of card readers.

RHB Bank sucks!! Rotten Hole Bank...


Anonymous said...

Oh that when I followed my friend to open a bank account, not me but him!

At least CIMB is much much better.

Jeremy said...

sigh~~ poor service really... it wasn't like that 10 years ago when I open my first bank account there... now... geezz...