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Saturday, 1 November 2008

2008 Canary Wharf London Motor Expo - Swedish & American Makes

Date: 15 June 2008
Venue: Canary Wharf, Docklands, London
Tube: Jubilee Line, DLR

I grouped this 2 makes together as there are not many Swedish makes around. American cars are not easily found in the UK and not cheap due to its market size. British people doesn't really like American cars...

Anyway, cut short all the stuff and lets have a look at Swedish cars first. Volvo came to the expo and most people around only know Volvo from Sweden. Other car makers in Sweden? I'm not sure about it myself... lazy to do research though...

Swedish - Volvo

This is the Volvo C30 hot hatch. I love the front but don't really like the rear view... looks a bit awkward...
C70 convertible
I love convertibles and I think C70 is quite a handsome looking car. Volvo nowadays really design good looking cars... not like in the 80s and early 90s... boxy tank design... gee...
It was launched few years back to grab a share in the European SUV market to compete with other SUVs like BMW X5, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 etc.
Latest SUV from Volvo which is smaller than the XC90 to compete with BMW X3 etc. This unit at the expo was the only unit in UK as it was not yet on sale by the time of the car expo so it's a left hand drive. Looks very very nice if compare to the BMW X3.
So much for Volvo.

Heading towards American cars. American cars are usually famous for its size, high fuel consumptions and strange designs. Due to that, it was not widely accepted around other parts of the world, and nowadays even Americans don't really like the idea of it. Famous American marques include Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Cadillac and etc.


It's an American marque which is very famous among the celebrities. It built strange cars and etc. Anyway...

Celebrities like Escalade, rappers loves it. I don't know why... but they just love it.
This looks better... Not much comment as I'm not too familiar with American cars....
Probably the elder sibling of CTS4. Probably something like BMW 3 and 5 series's different. I prefer the CTS4 over this STS.


The car Chevy displayed is the famous Corvette Z06 sports car. The only model displayed along with it's convertible version. As there are not much difference, i just put one here.


Hummer, a brand of GM, is a controversial brand. It was started as a military vehicle but it was then mass produced to the consumer market. Hummer, totally famous for its massive size, massive engine displacement and massive fuel consumption. The H2 then tries to make its way to Europe but it didn't sell at all. Until the H3, which is the one shown here, start selling a bit. Smaller in size, smaller displacement but still high fuel consumption if compare to other SUVs. It's not as huge as H1 and H2. Even though most people doesn't like, celebrities still love it. Even Becks got a Hummer.

Anyway, that's all for the Swedish and American section. I'll cover about modification and special section if I got time later.

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