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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Too Busy - Too Short - Too Early

I just realized that blogging is not in my "must do" list anymore nowadays and it gets worse and worse. I can see that my post is accumulating, and is getting less and less each month.

It had been a roller-coaster in my life for the past weeks which I didn't write anything here. I still had loads to write about what I saw in this fabulous city, but I just can't get into the mood of preparing the pictures and share with everyone. I am also aware that there are not many people left who still access to my blog, even the usual ones. Even me, myself, doesn't really read others' blogs as I don't really have time for it. Well, maybe just 2 which are related to cars, that's all I do everyday.

My new job is continuing to kill me. It is so bad that I just feel dead everyday when I arrive home. It's too much to explain about the job, but then. I quit again, today. Actually not today officially as I am starting to play with the manager by calling sick for the next few days. I am still in probation period and I already fed up with the whole thing! Sick and tired totally.

It's reaching the end of 6th August 2008, 1 day to the Olympics. Just feel like writing something here. I don't really know what am I thinking now, what am I doing now, how do I feel. Totally complicated feeling. I am leaving this flat in 9 days time, which means I am leaving London for good. Made decision in such a short time. Then from 15th August, around 2 weeks time, I'll be on MH1, seat 47F. I really don't know what am I going to expect after landing, what am I going to expect in the next chapter of my life, what am I going to be anytime soon, when will I come back to this greatest city in the world to stay. What had God prepare for me? How am I going to cope after leaving all the advance technologies and facilities behind which are only to be found here?

It's gonna be more busy from tomorrow. Planning. Packing. 21 days to go. I can't believe it, but I don't really have a choice. It's too early to go, but, life decision.


Anonymous said...

U stil hav me as ur regular reader man, dun feel upset... To be a blogger u dun hav 2 b KennySia ba... Life's suck sometimes...

Jeremy said...

ahaha... thanks man... well, life really sucks sometimes... that makes life interesting... hehe.. Hopefully weather for next coming week will be good so i can do as much as possible while still here... so much to do... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Why give up the chance you have in London for Malaysia?
I know it has been difficult for you all these whiles, but really, if you manage to pull through the tough times in London for the next couple of years, I am sure you'll be paid well in the future.
But then again, it is your life and you make your own decision. What do I know? :)

Jeremy said...

hi anon... may i know who r u? hehe...

SabrinaW said...

why are you sick with work?

Anonymous said...

yo me still read ur blog leh.
even though lesser than last time cz my new hse don hv streamyx yet.
u coming back to msia?
got stopover kl?
find me if got leh.
long time no c u already.

Jeremy said...

hello sabrina, just too long to tell... hehe... fed up actually. And another thing is that I already graduated for a year but still doing irrelevant jobs. so.. hehe...

Hello oneluckystar, I won't be stopping over KL, going straight home then I'll go to KL very soon. then we can meet. hehe... earliest will be September while latest will be October.