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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Good bye London

Well, I officially left London 6 hours ago. I'm at Chelmsford at the moment but might go back to London for a few days to finish what I'm suppose to finish before leaving the country.

Feel... strange.... Excited, disappointed, sad, happy, not sure... when I took the train from Streatham to Central London just now, when the train pass by all the views which were so familiar... I'm thinking... this is it... the final time I will see all this views... feel kinda sad really...

What is going to happen in the next 2 weeks? not sure. I still need to plan. I still have problems on my luggage. TOO HEAVY!!!! Too much stuff and I need to get rid of more stuff.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Aunt's friend from KL is visiting tomorrow. Gonna watch TV for most of the afternoon tomorrow for the V Festival which is on for 2 days with all the celebrities and music rally...


Anonymous said...

It's kinda sad when u r leaving the place that u hav ur deepest memories on it. Come back to Msia n start a new chapter of life... Go back n live in London again when u r successful since u like the city so much.

Jeremy said...

yea... thats what i'm gonna do... hehe.. hopefully it'll come true in the future really. Just spoke to an auditor who works here just now, she used to work in kl for few years and now working in London. at least got some positive news today.