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Friday, 15 August 2008

Final night at Flat 5

I can't believe it... It's my final night sitting in this room writing a post. Tomorrow night I won't be here anymore.... I will not stay in London anymore after tomorrow evening. Even though I might come back next week, it is not permanent stay.

This week, I sold my table, my drawers, the exercise machine, 2 fan heaters and even my paper bin which looks very nice. Didn't really made a lot from selling all those items, but at least it is sold to people who is gonna love and care about it. And the money I made from them will at least let me have some change for moving around in the next 2 weeks.

Really having headache packing. I sent 1 carton of approximately 40kgs back home. The carton just left my room this morning, with my printer inside, which cost the most in that carton. My room has only small items laying on the floor and a shelf which is not sold, my luggage, a bag and laptop bag. I don't think at the moment I can make my luggage be 20kgs as I still got too much stuff inside. I don't even think I can buy more stuff to bring back anymore. I throw away older clothes, gave part of my clothes to charity, and throw away all the stuff which are unnecessary.

Geeez.... After leaving the flat tomorrow, there is no way I will be back here anymore...

I hope I can really catch up with all my dated posts which were all suppose to be up since months ago next week when I'm really free, before leaving this country which has far better quality internet line than back home, which I'm gonna be suffering totally.

All the crap in this post... random mumbling... Gonna sleep now. Good night and good bye to the night view from this window.

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