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Sunday, 10 February 2008

My Sunderland Trip

**I am on the train now back to London, stuck at Doncaster station, not sure what happen as the conductor announced that the train need to be attend by the police before continuing the journey. It's been around 15 minutes I think. Looks like I'm gonna be arriving home quite late tonight.**

My trip to Sunderland for CNY. It's fun, relaxing, and nice. Even though I'm stuck in The Precinct most of the time, but all the fun nights had taken over the boredom and laziness. Wednesday CNY Eve, Block 20 had steamboat.
so, police left the train now catching few people and on the way again... 35 minutes delay. Conductor say it's about 3 guys singing some racist songs.... er... I dunno what to say...

Anyway, back to the topic. The steamboat is very nice and I felt like gone back home. We didn't really took many photos though.

CNY Day we all went to Nando's to have dinner. This is my table here, Block 20 people. and another table with Block 35 people. We had fun as well.
Yesterday, Second day of CNY, we had a combo party of CNY, Lily's and Eelian's Birthday. Again, eat. This is all the people who attended the party. We really had lots of fun. I really do cherish.

Thanks to all back there. I really do hope I'll be back to see you all again real soon. Thanks for everything, especially Eelian for the dinner at first night, it's lovely, and to Jefferey, thanks for letting me use your room, which is my old room.

Really enjoyed myself... :) and achieved some objectives as well... hihi... not bad this time. Happy Chinese New year to all!!!

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