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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I'm in Sunderland!!!!

Just slept for around 5 hours only but I feel so relax now... just came back from Fish Quay where I helped to buy an extra Salmon which Kah Huey requested for tonight's steamboat. Cheap!! I went to Jacky Whites Market, 2 small packs of strawberries only cost £1. Cheap!! Everything is cheap here. City centre is small that I can walk around in 30 minutes, without spending any transport fees. Some shops were closed and new shops open, that's what Sunderland city is about. University's Wearmouth Hall being demolished, Echo24 apartment finished building... awwww.... I feel like coming home already... weather is so lovely as well today... and quiet... everyone is so laid back.... These are all that I can't get from London. Well, only around 3 more days to stay before leaving... :(

I'll be joining Sarah for brunch in around an hour's time. Everyone at home (Sibu) are having CNY eve dinner... or already finish and playing fireworks and fire crackers already. This is the only thing I miss though. Gonna call home later...

Lots of updates coming up in the next few days if possible. Stay tuned.

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